Hi Everyone! We are delighted to see you all at our wedding celebration!


The format will be a semi-formal dinner at one of our favorite Persian restaurants, Al Borz, in Walnut Creek. See "Event Details" for more.


Shortly after the wedding, we are renting out our house and taking a trip to Europe and possibly a few other places. We'll visit Mahsa's family near Iran and some of Siamak's in Paris. We look forward to rock climbing in Croatia and maybe Greece and Spain as well. We are salivating just thinking about it.



So that's where this registry comes in. Since we pretty much already have all the house-wares that we need, the best gift you could give us for our wedding is money that we can use towards our big trip!! We've been talking about doing something like this since Mahsa and I met... so this is going to be a dream come true!


Excited to see you all,


Mahsa & Siamak

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